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MARS QUALITY Website Quality Management Service

Discover website problems automatically
A tool to achieve the quality improvement rapidly.

MARS QUALITY is a website quality management service. You can manage the quality of the entire website through time series data to understand website problems, quality check index (score) and historical progress. Also, since you can adjust the timing and range of the quality check, quality improvement can be achieved in a short time.

Quality check

Grasp details of website quality and problems.

Website Qality Score

Grade Website quality with check results.

Historical Trends

Grasp site quality time series by checking a graph representation of historical data.

Quality check setup and Schedule management

Setup a schedule for checking the quality of the website freely.

Should be used in following situaion.

Why can't I go to the next page with the link?

There is a broken link

What's "X"? Why not a picture?

Image can't be displayed

Our Website,
So many pages without a title…

Have no search engine measures

If there had been a way to check easily...

Two Viewpoints on Quality

MARS QUALITY manages website quality from two viewpoints, Problem and Growth use either of these viewpoints to set goals and measure site quality.

Site Problems

  • Display summary
  • Details of problems
  • Graphs
  • History Management

Firstly, Understand the problems contained in your website, including, broken links, missing images, tag omission (repetition), and other common problems.

Site Growth

  • Score Distribution
  • Directory Tree
  • Graphs
  • History Management

Secondly, you can grasp the growth of the entire website through directory trees and graphs. Emphasizing intuition and statistics, quality check results are graphically shown in a historical progression.


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