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MARS FINDER Website Search Service

A cloud-based service with multi-device support, fulfilling search functions and reasonable prices.

With the spread of the Internet, a company's website is a valuable communication tool between a company and its stakeholders. It is vital that a company website offer quick and accessible information.

MARS FINDER can aid in giving users the information they need quickly. MARS FINDER is a website search service exclusively tailored to stakeholders to find information faster than traditional search engines. It is utilized by many listed companies.

Benefits of MARS FINDER

Quickly find the information you need!

Find information with page captures as well as text.

Easy Installation

Just place the search box on your website! You can get a comprehensive website search to improve your web marketing right now.

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Collect User Needs

You can check user search queries from the search logs.

Web Site Optimization Support

Easily find problems and improvement areas from various search logs.

Fulfilling Search Functions

So many features that enhance usability and experience will achieve more engagement.

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Globalization Support

MARS FINDER is a globally-supported service, sensitive to the unique needs of companies advancing into overseas markets.

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