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How To Use The Search Page

1. Input the Keyword

 Please fill in the keyword you want to search, then click the "Search" button.

2. Intelligent Advisor

 Word suggestions are shown in real time according to the keywords you enter.

3. Display Options

 Select the size of the thumbnail and the number of the search results to display.

4. The Recommended Pages

 Display the Recommended Pages related to the search keyword.

5. Search results

 Display the thumbnails and description of the web pages clearly related to the search keyword.

6. Display the Pop‐up

 The image photos will be shown bigger when moved the cursor over the the search results.

7. Thumbnail

 Big size screenshot and the summary will be shown when moved the cursor over the thumbnail of the search results.

8. Drill Down

 Display the number of pages that coincided with the search results. Click the category to narrow down the information.

9. Icon Display

 Display page information with an icon on search results screen.

In the Case of the PDF document handling

1. Search for the document

 Narrow down pages with the keyword. Please click the "Clear" button when you want to cancel narrowing-down.

2. Various Functions

 Display and print PDF documents directly are possible.

3. Display Option

 Select the size of the displayed page.

4. Thumbnail

 Select a thumbnail to display this page.

5. Paging

 Drag the page up or down to move.

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